Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 23 - Floating shelves

Everyday holds a possibility of a Miracle.
It took me a year to hang these shelves around this phrase. I wasn't quite sure how they should be hung. On the upper shelf, next to the wooden bird, is a real bird's nest I think may have belonged to a sparrow. I can see the polyester lining from our outdoor table cloth in it, that I have seen them pick at, plant seeds and birch bark. The nest was sprayed with hairspray to help keep it whole. Little tea lights might be nice up there. The phrase is a vinyl wall applique that Patrick and I picked out together after he was home from the hospital in January of 2010, where he nearly lost his life.

I also moved this wreath to the left of the above display which involved taking Archimedes (owl) out and replacing it with a wooden humming bird. Archimedes found a much nicer perch above the picture of my great-great uncle Joe Osti and my grandpa Victor Cavosi in his 1st communion picture.

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