Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 42 - Fish Hat, stage 7

Scaling up a bit more with the green.

Day 41 - Frogged - lace knit scarf

Today I was home from work, not feeling so hot. I thought about knitting a scarf that I would want to sell. The pattern looks nice, but much too fussy for this kind of project. I'm frogging it (rip-it, rip-it...) and starting fresh with another pattern that I have in mind. I hope that won't end up at the frog pond ;)

Days 37-40 Fish Hat, stages 3-6

A willing model - it must be true love ;)
The fish hat is coming along nicely. Progress made is documented between the arrows. I worked on it during the super bowl, on the bus to and from work, during my lunch break and at night.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 36 - Shamrock, altered photo

Shamrock just kicking back.
He's totally relaxed when his back legs are out like this. The photo was cropped, flipped, rotated, softened and brightened. Time for me to kick back for the night. Sweet dreams.

Day 35 - Princesses need days off too ;)

Daughter of the King Most Hight, Princess Lisa
I really want to do this blog, so I need new plan. Should I tweak my challenge? Would that mean I failed the challenge? I don't want to be a slave to a blog, but I don't want to just quit either. Hmmm - If anybody reads day 36, let me know what you think. If nobody comments, then maybe only I would know I took a Princess Day.  After all this Princess had to do dishes by hand after work because our dishwasher broke down! Made me appreciate how hard it's worked over the years. I could go on and on about this day, but I'll spare you dreary details. Okay, a new tomorrow, Saturday, my don't-have-to-get-out-of-bed-early day!

Day 34 - Fish Hat, knitting, Stage-2

The mouth of the fish hat is progressing nicely. I am now bringing my knitting with me to work, just in case I don't have the energy to do a thing after work. ;) I think I will add green to the next stage. Stage tuned.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 33 - Brandon's Quilt - Part 2

6 am Wed, 2/1/11, front porch.

The center is coming together. I rotated it on point, but I'm favoring the original layout.

6 am Wednesday, February 1, back door.
 The pups couldn't make it out the back door this morning. Where is summer?

Day 32 - Quilt for Brandon - Part 1

Brandon's quilt being worked on using dining room table
I gave Brandon a plain store bought quilt for Christmas with the promise I would complete it with a personalized quilt top before New Years. Thank God for snow days, so I had a chance to get a good start on it.

I procrastinate so much when I don't really have a plan. But once I pulled out the fabrics and started playing, it began to come together. The plaid fabric is wool from a friend and the other fabrics, also from a friend, are designer decorator fabrics.
Our kitchen window the night of January 31, 2011,