Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 54 - Gayle

The Lord himself watches over you! Psalm 121:5
A gift to my best friend Gayle. Happy birthday now-4-years-closer-to-retirement-Gayle ;).

This project has taught me so much, such as how to connect a laptop to a printer wirelessly, convert a Photoshop image to a JPEG file, what the difference between that and a GIF file is and how to use Photoshop a little bit better. So much learn. This actually prints out nicer than it looks on the web as the grays at the bottom of the image blend better than they appear here. The image will be mounted to an 8x10 canvas with a hook/picture stand to the back.

Where did I find my letters:?
"G" - Lake Park's metal rails over a walking bridge.
"A" - The rusty metal post that hold's our street's name sign.
"Y" - Windows outside a UWM building.
"L" - Also from UWM, part of the sundial mounted on that building.
"E" -Forget-me-not flowers from my garden, also used in "LOVE" a few days previous.

It's late, 10:29 pm Sunday night, back to my paying job in the a.m. Good night ;)

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